Wall Signs is a well established manufacturer and supplier for signs of all different kinds. Founded in 1999 by Steve Wall, we supply products to a wide range of clients all over the UK. From a simple sign to an entire sign system, Wall Signs can offer its clients the best sign solutions.


Due to sign making experience of over 30 years we are able to advise our customers with confidence as to the suitability of colours, visibility, weather resistance etc. So every customer can make an informed decision. Which in turn means that each sign is as individual as the customer requirement. Neither over or under specified, just right for the job and at the best possible price.


“Everyone knows that the sign is such a powerful business tool that it’s important to get the right sign for the job. That’s why we work so hard to understand what you want from the sign before we make our recommendations. Sounds simple, is simple. When you know what you’re doing!”
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